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Unlock the Potential Multi-Unit Properties

At Clearhouse Property Solutions, LLC, our roots in commercial and residential construction, coupled with our commitment to revitalizing communities, drive our focus on acquiring multifamily properties in thriving markets. With a keen eye for properties boasting promising income potential, we conduct meticulous market research and analysis, targeting areas with population growth, income expansion, rising home values, declining crime rates, and robust job markets. Our stringent investment criteria, including a minimum target of 15% cash on cash returns and $250 cash flow per unit per month, ensure that each acquisition aligns with our mission to provide safe, affordable housing while delivering attractive returns to our investors.

Single-Family Home Investments Made Simple

Investing in single-family homes presents a cornerstone strategy for building wealth and fostering community growth. At Clearhouse Property Solutions, LLC, we leverage our expertise to identify single-family homes ripe for appreciation and strong rental income potential. Through comprehensive market insights and property analysis, we guide investors in navigating Wilmington, NC's dynamic neighborhoods and rental market dynamics. By adhering to our mission of transparency and value creation, we empower investors to confidently pursue single-family home investments, diversifying their portfolios while contributing to the vibrancy of our communities.

Seize the Opportunity with Rental Properties

As real estate investing experts, we recognize the enduring value of rental properties in generating passive income and fostering long-term wealth. Clearhouse Property Solutions, LLC offers comprehensive services for rental properties, from acquisition to management, catering to the needs of medium-income earners seeking safe, affordable housing options. Leveraging strategic marketing techniques, we attract high-quality tenants and optimize occupancy rates, ensuring a seamless investment experience for our clients. With a commitment to transparency and excellence, we help investors unlock the full potential of rental properties, driving sustainable growth and prosperity.

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5.0 stars | 1 reviews
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