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Our Process


Share Details About Your Property

Simply provide information about your property. It's fast, simple, and there's no cost!


Assessing Your Property

If your property aligns with our buying criteria, we'll reach out to schedule a brief appointment.


Exploring Options Together

We'll present you with a fair, all-cash offer or explore the best approach forward through discussion.


Closing the Deal

We'll finalize the transaction at a trusted local title company. Get your money in as little as 7 days!

Comprehensive Market Analysis

At Clearhouse Property Solutions, LLC, our process commences with a thorough examination of markets exhibiting key indicators such as population growth, income escalation, rising home values, declining crime rates, and burgeoning job opportunities.

Cultivating Relationships

We prioritize the cultivation of strong alliances with a network of capital partners, real estate brokers, property managers, contractors, and suppliers. These relationships form the bedrock of our operational success.

Strategic Marketing and Acquisitions

During this pivotal phase, our company adeptly scouts for lucrative opportunities, meticulously gathers asset information, streamlines lead generation, and expertly converts leads into successful sales transactions.

Asset Stabilization

The process of stabilizing assets is meticulously executed, spanning a timeline of 3 to 12 months, contingent upon the scale of the asset and the scope of necessary renovations. Our focused efforts ensure optimal performance and return on investment.

Exit Strategies

Upon achieving 100% occupancy and completing necessary updates or renovations, Clearhouse Property Solutions, LLC offers strategic exit options. We may opt to refinance the asset at an elevated valuation, leveraging cash-out refinancing to reinvest proceeds and bolster cash flow. Alternatively, we may capitalize on market conditions to divest the asset for a profit, subsequently executing a 1031 exchange to facilitate acquisition of a larger, more lucrative property.

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Serving the Wilmington, Greensboro, & Greenville areas.

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5.0 stars | 1 reviews
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